Summer Art

"Action is the foundational key to all success." - Pablo Picasso Summer-time hotness is here and there's no way to explore the outdoors in the afternoon (unless you want to be grilled in the middle of the desert) Having said so, I've been spending most of my time at home thinking and listing down goals, … Continue reading Summer Art


Go Grow

As I get to pause and rest for a bit, I can't help but ponder on how much growth there has been over the last three years. I mean, it's no surprise that change is constant. And while change can bring growth, it can also bring about destruction; which is not a bad thing really. … Continue reading Go Grow

Choosing Choices

As a child, we tend to complain about how our choices are so limited. There's the height restriction, driving restriction, bar/club restriction, etc. But then we grow up and there's no restriction yet we still complain. We complain about our wide choices and how it's just so stressful to make a choice, ONE choice out … Continue reading Choosing Choices


Life isn't as serious as My mind makes it to be Because we often don't see That the doors to being carefree Doesn't need a heavy key   All you got to do is dance To the music of your heartbeat And give yourself a chance To bravely conquer and defeat   Because really, seriously and truly Life isn't as serious as My mind makes it … Continue reading Carefree